20 January 2019
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The following information has been created by WebLink4u to provide some help and guidance to business users who are considering having a new website built or an existing one redesigned.

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Are there different types of web pages?

  1. Only Two Basic Types
    1. There are only two basic types of web page:
      1. Static Pages
      2. Dynamic Pages
    2. Everything else is a variation of these two types
  2. Static Pages
    1. Content is permanently on show, rarely changes & visible at all times
    2. The pages can usually only be changed by web designer
    3. The pages physically exist on the server
    4. Most sites have at least 1 static page - frequently the About Us page
    5. At one time, all web pages were 100% static
  3. Dynamic Pages
    1. Content is supplied from an online database or created by a script
    2. Popular scripting languages are PHP, ASP, CGI-Perl & javascript
    3. Database-linked dynamic pages:
      1. Site owner can keep content fresh by updating database 24/7
      2. Updates & changes are immediately visible on the website
      3. Used for shopping sites, blogs, articles, social media, etc
      4. Pages are created on demand so do not physically exist
  4. Website Coding
    1. HTML scripting language is the bedrock of all website pages
    2. Latest version, HTML5, is being rolled out over current decade
    3. CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - add layout and style to HTML pages
    4. PHP, ASP, CGI-Perl & javascript provide dynamic facilities
    5. javascript is an essential ingredient of every shopping cart website
    6. PHP is superb at linking with online databases & displaying dynamic content, especially MySQL on Linux servers
Updated: 26/11/2014
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