20 January 2019
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The following information has been created by WebLink4u to provide some help and guidance to business users who are considering having a new website built or an existing one redesigned.

Website Guide - Hosting...

What is website hosting and why is it needed?

  1. Internet Linked Server
    1. Website hosting is the act of locating web pages on a server (special computer) that is permanently linked to the internet 24/7
    2. This makes your website visible worldwide on the internet
    3. If not correctly hosted, your website will never be seen by anyone
    4. Although hosting makes your site visible, it DOES NOT give you access to the internet as this requires a separate ISP account**
  2. Email Address & POP3 Accounts
    1. When a domain name is hosted it can normally also be used for personal email addresses
    2. Password-controlled, dedicated email addresses for specific individuals or departments can usually be set up on the server
    3. They are known as POP3 Accounts and provide confidential & secure email for the users
    4. This avoids the need to have a separate email server in the workplace
  3. Server Operating Systems
    1. Primarily fall into two categories:
      1. Linux
      2. Windows
    2. Linux Servers
      1. Linux servers are the most popular servers on the internet
      2. Recommended for MySQL databases & PHP scripting language
    3. Windows Servers
      1. Popular with major corporations using dedicated servers
      2. Provides synergy with Microsoft operating systems on PCs
      3. Recommended for MS IIs databases & ASP scripting language
    Updated: 26/11/2014
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