20 January 2019
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The following information has been created by WebLink4u to provide some help and guidance to business users who are considering having a new website built or an existing one redesigned.

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What Domain Name Should You Buy?

  1. Keyword-Rich Domain Names Are Best
      1. Research to find quality keywords that are applicable to your business
      2. For example, strong beer may be appropriate for a brewery company
      3. If the phrase "strong beer" is a frequent Google search phrase, then
      4. Check if or is available to register
      5. If the version isn't available, try uk, com, biz, eu and co
  2. Business or Product Names
      1. if your business name already contains descriptive words covering your business like, for example, Thirst Quenching Beer, then use it
      2. Or if your product is already well known like Coca Cola™, use that
      3. If you can't find a good, keyword-rich domain name for your business, then probably best to use your business name
  3. Which Suffix is Best?
      1. Best for international trading - com, biz, org or co
      2. Best for European trading - eu, com, biz, org or co
      3. Best for national UK trading - uk,,, com, biz, org or co
      4. Best for local UK trading - uk, or
  4. Eliminate Competition - Become Exclusive
      1. To avoid web users from confusing your domain with an identically named com, it is in your interest to own both versions of the domain
      2. If you own and, then such confusion is totally eliminated
      3. And if your domain contains two or more keywords, you should also consider buying and as well
      4. This will give you exclusive control over these domains, and stop competitors from cashing in on your success
  5. What is a TLD?
      1. TLD is an abbreviation for Top Level Domain. TLDs include:
        1. Primary suffixes like COM, NET and ORG
        2. Country suffixes like UK and IT
      2. Secondary suffixes add co or org to the domain, eg, or
      3. Dot-COM is still the most popular & highest rated TLD in the world
Updated: 18/06/2018
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