20 January 2019
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The following information has been created by WebLink4u to provide some help and guidance to business users who are considering having a new website built or an existing one redesigned.

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What is a Domain Name?

  1. Unique Identity on the Web
    1. Used by Businesses, Organisations and Individuals
    2. Acts as an alias for the 4-part numbered IP address which identifies the hosting server
    3. is easier to remember than
  2. Consists of 2 Main Sections
    1. Identifying name: business-name, product-name, weblink4u, etc
    2. Suffix (domain type, aka TLD):, com, biz, eu, etc
  3. Prefix Added to Access Website
    1. Prefix - http://www - is added when your domain is "hosted"
    2. This creates a full Website Address, eg,
    3. Website Address is also called a URL - Uniform Resource Locator
  4. Identifying Name Must be Unique in Same Suffix
    1. Only one version of a name is allowed within each suffix grouping
    2. The name weblink4u is only permitted once in suffix
    3. But weblink4u can be used in other suffixes like com, biz, eu, etc
  5. Domain Name must be Registered
    1. With the appropriate authority for the domain suffix, eg, Nominet
    2. Normally registered through an authorised Domain Name Registrar
    3. Many registrations are for fixed periods of 1 or 2 years
    4. Avoid potential problems by always renewing before the renewal date
  6. Domain Also Used for Email Addresses
    1. By adding a recipient followed by an "@" in front of the domain name
    2. For example,,
    3. The recipient can be a person's name, department or anything at all
    4. Email addresses are usually configured on the hosting server prior to use by the web designer or IT staff
Updated: 26/11/2014
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