20 January 2019
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The following information has been created by WebLink4u to provide some help and guidance to business users who are considering having a new website built or an existing one redesigned.

Website Guide - Responsive Web Design...

One Website for all Media Devices

  1. Viewing Standard Websites on Small Screens
    1. Most standard websites were not built to be viewed on small screens
    2. They were mainly designed for PC & Laptop screens
    3. They were not desinged to be viewed on Tablets & Smartphones
    4. When encountering a full size website, most Tablets & Smartphones...
      1. Resize the website to match the device's screen size
      2. Requiring frequent resizing & sideways scrolling to view the content
    5. This can be very frustrating to end users
  2. RWD = One Size Fits All
    1. Responsive web design is an attempt to eradicate these problems
    2. This is primarily due to "Media Queries" introduced in CSS3
    3. Media Queries enable break-points to be added to CSS scripts
    4. Using flexible grids, layouts and images, standard websites are optimised for specific screen widths
    5. This will normally include break-points at 600 & 320 pixels which will match most Tablets & Smartphones
    6. Other break-points can be added where necessary
  3. RWD = Improved User Experience on Small Screens
    1. Better viewing experienceSmartphone & Tablet users
    2. Content should be visible & legible without resizing
    3. Although some differences are inevitable, the actual content should be same as viewed on larger screens
  4. RWD Links
    1. Responsive Web Design page
    2. Free Online Responsive Website Quotation
Updated: 26/11/2014
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