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New Dedicated Mobile Website

WebLink4u are pleased to confirm the release of their new mobile website, which is a cut-down version of the main website.

It can be accessed directly at:

However, users trying to access the main website using a mobile or tablet with a screen resolution less than 450 pixels wide will be automatically redirected to the mobile site.

It is hoped that the introduction of the dedicated mobile site will provide mobile and smartphone users with a more convenient viewing experience, enabling them to comfortably view the site without the hassle of resizing and scrolling sideways.

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Instant Web Design Quotation

How much will it cost? Get your web design quotation online NOW!

Thinking about having a website but worried about the cost? Get an instant, no catch, business web design quotation from WebLink4u.......INSTANTLY !

That's right, get an instant web design quotation online without any catches and, unless you specify otherwise, no follow up. If you leave the "follow up" option on the default "No", you will not get any follow up, other than an email confirming your quotation of course.

You have the following quotation options to choose from:
1 - Business Web Site Cost Quotation
2 - Ecommerce Web Site Cost Quotation
3 - Mobile Website Cost Quotation
4 - Responsive Website Cost Quotation

You can select several different functions for inclusion in your quotation, including a domain name and website hosting.


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What Is ECommerce?

Just a trendy name for selling or retailing from a website?

ECommerce is the name used to embrace all the business activities involved in the act of selling or trading goods and services directly online from a website.

It covers everything from online shopping catologues and other promotional facilities, business to business transactions, and directly selling goods, products or services to customers through a variety of online methods.

Whether you run an exclusive business-to-business operation or sell goods or services directly to the public, you will gain maximum benefit from your website by using dedicated ECommerce software, which is more commonly referred to as a Shopping Cart or Shopping Basket.

A Shopping Cart is a program that runs at the centre or hub of an ECommerce website, and should be able to provide the following minimum facilities:

  • Catalogue or product display
  • Enable buyers to select one or more products to purchase
  • Track all purchase decisions by the buyer and store them in the "basket" pending payment
  • Empower buyers to change, delete or add products in the basket prior to purchasing
  • Provide a payment or checkout facility that is safe, secure and confidential
  • Confirmation of sale to buyer by email or "thank you" page

These days, it is getting increasingly common for the data making up the product displays or catalogues to be provided via an online database, as this enables products to be updated at any time 24/7. Thus the website owner can ensure that his product data is always fresh and up to date, and the latest products and prices can be added to the site with the minimum of effort.

Database-driven websites are frequently referred to as being "dynamic", due to the fact that the product data is only created and displayed as a result of an onscreen action by the end user. When the user clicks to view a product, a request is sent to the database for the information which is then displayed on the screen. In a non-database site - commonly referred to as a "static" site - the product data has been "hard-coded" onto a page and permanently exists. Such sites are usually more expensive to maintain because unless the site owner is experienced in web design, all changes and updates to the site will need to be referred to the web designer.

For more information, check out our Ecommerce shopping page.

Updated: 01/03/2015Category: Ecommerce

Business Web Site Guide

WebLink4u are pleased to announce that their popular feature "The Business Website Guide" has been completely revised and updated for 2015.

It also has a new look and feel to match the rest of the site, and is powered by PHP and HTML instead of the previous Flash presentation, which should make it quicker to load and view.

To view the guide, please click here, or select Web Design Guide on the Navigation Menu to the left.

Updated: 01/02/2015Category: News

Companies Act 2006 - Part 1

Website and Email changes effective January 2007

Does your website comply with the new requirements of the Companies Act 2006?

With effect from 1st January 2007, all UK registered companies must display their company name, number and registered office on all electronic communications, similar to the existing rule for business correspondence, letters. etc. 

This includes Email and Websites!

Although there is no requirement to include this information on every page of your website, it must appear at least once in a reasonably prominent location.  Thus an appropriate entry on the About Us or Contact Us page will probably suffice. 

Companies failing to comply could be subject to a fine.

Updated: 08/02/2008Category: General