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Selling Online
Ecommerce Web Design...

ECommerce is the name used to embrace all the business activities  involved in the act of selling or trading goods and services directly  online.  It covers everything from online shopping catologues and other  advertising aids, to directly selling goods, products or services to  customers through a variety of other online methods.

Whether you run an exclusive business-to-business operation or sell  goods or services directly to the public, you will gain maximum benefit  from your website by using a dedicated eCommerce Shopping Cart, enabling your retail or B2B customers to order your products directly online.

Retail customers normally pay by credit card at the time the order is placed, whilst B2B customers normally order "on account" and then pay at a later date under agreed trading terms.
Shopping Cart Software...

Ecommerce shopping cart software  comes in a variety of different styles, features and functionality, but  they are all designed around one specific central feature...

Your customers can buy or order products instantly online!

Whilst  this is a very powerful feature, most modern shopping carts can also  calculate delivery costs worldwide; add sales tax (VAT) when applicable;  and provide a variety of payment options including...

Credit Cards - On Account - Cheque
Shopping Cart
Product Catalogue

Ecommerce Shopping Carts are normally used for online retail shopping sites, enabling customers to directly order and pay for goods online by credit card or, in some instances, for registered account numbers.

Product Display Catalogues are normally used to display Business to Business products for "on account" customers, and large expensive products like cars and houses which are not normally available to purchase directly online.
Database Control

Database Controlled Shopping Cart is the easiest way to have complete control of your products, enabling you to update them at any time 24/7, thus ensuring they are always 100% up-to-date and displaying the latest information at all times.
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