20 March 2019
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If you want to have a single website that can be viewed comfortably without resizing the screen on your smartphone or tablet, then a "responsive website" is the one for you.

Responsive Web Design...

As more and more devices with different screen sizes and resolutions are being used to access the internet, the problem of viewing a standard sized website on a smartphone screen is well known. Lots of resizing and sideways scrolling to actually read and view the content, which is very frustrating.

Whilst websites designed exclusively for mobile phones go some of the way to solving this problem, they don't really cater for the larger screen phones, iPads, tablets and Kindles which are now becoming increasingly popular. And separate mobile and standard websites means twice the effort to keep them both up-to-date and in sync with each other.

Thanks to recent innovations to the web scripting languages CSS3 and HTML5, the ability to create websites that can adjust "automatically" to different screen sizes is now possible. It is usually referred to as responsive web design, or RWD for short.

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One Size Fits All...

If it is built correctly, a website designed using responsive web design techniques should automatically switch the layout to match the viewing device used, making it a true "one size fits all" website.

Although the actual layout will differ slightly for each device, the website content displayed will be identical to the larger standard website. And, more importantly, the user will be able to view and read everything without having to resize the page or scroll sideways.

RWD = good viewing on PC, laptop, netbook, tablet and smartphone.

Responsive web design fits all media and screen sizes