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There are two primary types of web page - Static & Dynamic!
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Databases can also be used to create static pages!
It is not unusual for an online database to be used to create static pages.  Although the pages themselves will rarely change and thus appear to be static, it gives the website owner the flexibility to update pages whenever they want and without third party assistance.

Examples - Static pages created using online databases...

The BullSemen website created by WebLink4u uses an online database to create both Static & Dynamic pages.

The content of "static" pages can be updated at any time the site owner chooses, whilst the extensive bull data stats used for the "dynamic" pages are updated every quarter.

All of the pages in the Thyroid Cancer Forum UK website created by WebLink4u are "static" and controlled from an online database.

This enables the site owner to make updates and changes at any time 24-7, with all changes being instantly displayed online.
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