25 April 2019
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Mobile devices in the form of smartphones are frequently being used to access the internet, but trying to view standard websites on small screens can be very frustrating for the end user. Is a specially designed mobile website the answer?

Mobile Web Design...

A standard website these days is usually at least 960 pixels wide. Some are even wider. And as the average PC or laptop screen is at least 1200 pixels wide, they will fit and be viewed comfortably on these devices.

Smaller Devices Automatically Resize Page Width

When viewed on a smaller tablet screen, the web pages tend to be automatically resized by the tablet to fit the space available, making the text & pictures smaller but usually still legible. If needed, the page can be zoomed upwards to enable comfortable viewing without too much effort.

Whilst mobile phones also resize the web pages to fit the screen width, the reduction is so great that the pages tend to be completely illegible. Far too small to be read or viewed with any degree of comfort, thus the pages must be zoomed to see anything worthwhile. This results in only a portion of the page being visible. To actually read the text, the user must slowly scroll to the right to read each line, then scroll back to the left to continue reading, and then repeat the process over and over again. Very frustrating. Very annoying.

Dedicated Mobile Website

One solution is to have a dedicated mobile website. One that has been specially designed to fit mobile screens. This means that the page width must be about 320 pixels wide, as this will match most of the current smartphones currently available.

At 320 pixels wide, this is one-third of the width of the average 960-pixel wide standard website, so is a considerable reduction. But as the purpose of a business website is to provide information to potential customers in a clear and concise way without hassle, then providing the vast number of mobile users with a dedicated, viewable website is surely an essential business requirement?

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