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Mobile Friendly
Responsive Website Design - RWD - is the process which is used to create mobile-friendly websites.  Thus the terms RWD and mobile-friendly are both used frequently in relation to modern website design, and both mean exactly the same thing.

Trying to view websites designed for large PC screens and laptops in small mobile screen is virtually impossible.  To rectify this, some companies created two different websites.  One for small screens.  The other for larger screens.

But even this wasn't ideal!  It meant website owners had two different websites to maintain and update, which was expensive, time consuming and a duplication of effort.

Fortunately help was in hand.  Recent updates to the web scripting languages, HTML & CSS, included new ground breaking RWD scaling features which could be applied to websites.

This enabled web designers to create a single website which could be scaled for viewing in a variety of different sized screens, ranging from small mobile screens or the much larger PC screens.

Mobile-friendly websites were born!
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WebLink4u have been designing mobile-friendly websites since 2016
Mobile Dominates Internet
The massive improvements in mobile phone technology over the past decade resulting in the "smart" phones in use today, has had a powerful and long lasting impact on all of us.

No longer just a simple phone or camara, the mobile has become an essential part of our everyday life.  Enabling users to control bank accounts, play games, order taxis, fast food and virtually anything else they want.

Most of this has been achieved using the internet, which has adapted over the years to cope with the world wide explosion of mobile phone use.

Mobile Usage Worldwide = 53%
By July 2018, mobile phone users worldwide accounted for almost 53% of internet users, with desktop users falling to around 43% and 4% for others.

In the UK the desktop still reigns supreme with around 52% of users still relying on larger screens, with mobiles accounting for abour 37% of users.
Mobile Friendly Google

Due to the current and increasing dominance of mobile phone usage on the internet, Google announced that from July 2018 onwards, any websites which are not mobile-friendly would be downgraded in their listings & search results.
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