15 November 2018
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WebLink4u have produced a list of frequently asked questions from customers which we hope you will find useful and informative. The FAQ you requested is displayed below.

The FAQ You Requested...

What is the difference between a GIF and a JPG/JPEG?

Without getting too technical, both formats compress graphics and they achieve this in different ways. The GIF-format is considered best for flat colours, logos, line art, icons, etc, and it compresses the images cleanly as it uses a "lossless" compression format. It also has the advantage that it can be used for creating simple but effective animations, and it is also capable of rendering a specific colour transparent, so that the underlying content of the page it is placed on will show through the transparent portion of the graphic.

The JPG-format is considered ideal for photographs and areas of varying colour shading and density, but as it compresses using a "lossy" compression format, it actually loses colour in the process. Fortunately this is not normally discernable, particularly on web graphics. Unlike GIFs, JPGs do not have a transparent facility, nor can they be used for animations.