15 November 2018
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WebLink4u have produced a list of frequently asked questions from customers which we hope you will find useful and informative. The FAQ you requested is displayed below.

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Do I need my own Domain Name to engage in eCommerce?

Although not an absolute necessity, it is probably more beneficial and professional to have your website linked to your own Domain Name than not have one. You could conduct a perfectly reasonable eCommerce business from the free web space provided by your ISP, but you would end up with a long Web-Name that is likely to be hard to remember. For example, is very easy to remember and find on the Internet, but if they were actually using free web space from their ISP, their website address would be something like, which doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Email Addresses would also follow the same pattern and, once again, are not particularly easy for customers to remember. Another problem is the restricted amount of web space available from ISPs. ECommerce sites typically need a lot of space for catalogues, product images/graphics, shopping carts, etc, as well as the ability to expand quickly, and this is generally beyond the scope and capabilities of most ISP services.