25 April 2019
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With 15 years experience of business website design for small and medium sized business - SMEs - WebLink4u will provide you with a hassle free web design service and handle your website project from start to finish with the minimum of input from you!


Over the past 25 years or so, email has arguably turned into the most important communication tool for business. Owing to its instant mode of transition, it has virtually replaced business letters using conventional postal services.

And thanks to the ease with which it can handle attachments like PDFs, Word documents & images, there are virtually no limits to what it can do.

Sending Email is FREE - even in bulk!

Information can even be transmitted in bulk by email to thousands of customers within a matter of minutes, ensuring that all of your clients get the data at virtually the same time. And once you have paid for the broadband connection, it is all sent completely free of charge.

Compared to the cost of preparing letters or getting advertising pamphlets printed and paying postage to get them delivered, using email as an alternative to conventional post is a no brainer.

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Business Email Components

There are 2 essential components for using email in business:
  1. Domain Name
  2. Website Hosting

Domain Name

If you are serious about your online business profile, having your own domain name is absolutely essential.

Whether you get a domain name that reflects your business name, a product or is a specially constructed one, that doesn't really matter. But what does matter and is extremely important, is that you have gone to the trouble to create your own online identity. Your own online brand!

This makes you look as if you are in it for the long haul. Gives you an aura of permanence. And makes you look reliable!

Trust goes hand-in-hand with reliability, and that's a highly important requirement for an online business to achieve.

And when you have your own domain name like or, you can use it for personalised business email addresses. Apart from enabling you to freely advertise your domain name every time you send an email, it is also a crucial element in helping to build online trust and reliability.

Website Hosting

Before you can start using your domain name for email, you must first get your domain name hosted on a server which is permanently linked to the internet. This is also a crucial step in enabling you to build your website. It too requires hosting.

Website Hosting is the name used for installing the domain on an internet linked server (special computer).

This act provides the lifeblood for the domain itself, enabling it to be transformed into a highly effective worldwide communication tool and providing a permanent home for a superb worldwide advertising facility for your business. That is powerful. More Info...

Email Addresses

Once your web hosting has been activated, you, your web designer or your IT specialist, will be able to create unique email addresses using your domain name, enabling you to have individual addresses for each member of your team if required.